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-}( ){-DARK ASSASSINS-}( ){-
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Shall be held on the following days and times:
WHEN                           WHERE                        TIME
Monday Nights          DA Server                  8pm-9pm ET
Wednesday Nights    Team Meeting            8pm-9pm ET
Friday Nights             Team Meeting           8pm-9pm ET
Saturday Afternoon   DA Server                 12noon-1pm ET
The Team Meeting will be held in the -}(+){-Dark Assassins-}(+){- Team Room.
After the team meeting, we will be playing on the HomeLAN Kronos Server. This will be part of our practice.
Come one come all!!
Server: HomeLAN Kronos (Please note the new server... again! lol!)
When: Every Wednesday night
Time: 7PM PST / 8PM MST / 9PM CST / 10PM EST / 12pm Thursday AEST (midday)

Shifter community is holding an open house! Everyone is welcome! BYOS!! (Bring your own spinfusor)

We got more weapons in Shifter than Neo and the Matrix! VGW! Get the Shifter client (ShifterClientPack.exe) and read the guide here:
After the team meeting this event is optional.
Every second friday of each month, we invite all Shifter players for a heavy-weight bout. Come one, come all! To HomeLAN KRONOS (Full Shifter).

In the interest of keeping the event open to professional fighters, it will be locked. However, gaining entry is not difficult. smile.gif To participate all you have to do is post a reply to this message, right here on smile.gif I will send you the password and youre in like Flynn!

Bring your own Spinfusor, beer, bud, you name it! For the marathon match-up of all your best allies and adversaries.